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Accomplished Coach

Shona is an experienced learning facilitator and coach. Thorough in her approach and determined to provide the best learning experience. She delivers quality, flexible and well thought through training from Apprentices to mid managers. Also an accomplished coach who always puts the participants needs first. It was great to have worked and learnt alongside Shona.

Jody Nicholls, NHS Trust – May 2020

Got Me Thinking

I had a great 1-1 coaching session with Shona. First coaching session I’ve had, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect – but Shona was fab. Really easy to talk to, great listener, and asked all the right questions to get me thinking. Thank you Shona!

Stephanie Wheeler, The One Off – May 2020

Interesting Insights

Stephanie and I went to Shona Neish for her free hour of coaching with no particular issues or starting point. After a few Q and A’s, Shona was able to draw on her expertise and offer some interesting insights from an outside-in perspective on all our current thoughts and values of the businesses.

We learnt a lot and also gained some confidence in deciding a clear direction on how to move forward with the business. We easily spent 2-3 hours after the meeting discussing all the points raised and agreeing on a plan together to build on Shona’s advice.

We’d definitely recommend a chat with Shona, even if you are like us and completely unsure where to start!

Haydn Bowley, SWA Design – May 2020

The Future

Shona provided short coaching sessions with relation to my personal development. Shona has a very attentive and positive nature that allows you to focus on key areas for your own development. My sessions focused on the future and Shona demonstrated fantastic coaching skills to help me formulate my own answers without judgement, I was very impressed with Shona’s ability to summarise my concerns and help turn this into an action plan for me to move forward with confidence. Thank You!

Lindsey Evan, Faurecia – April 2020


“Thank you for everything. I couldn’t have done this presentation without you. The information and strategies you have given not only to me but everyone who attended this training are invaluable and will continue to benefit and positively impact all of us. I cannot recommend you enough not only in presentation training but throughout the D.I.L.Ps course and beyond. Thank you for everything Shona you really do have it all.”

Charlotte Gray, RDS Global – February 2020

Easy To Reach Out To

“I had previously worked with Neish Consultancy and Shona, in particular, on multiple highly informative courses she conducted for my previous employer.

With Shona being very caring and personable, I felt that she was an easy person to reach out to earlier this year after having a bit of a ‘wobble’ on my career path. The support and guidance I received was far beyond what I would have expected and came at a time where I could not have needed it more. For a company to set aside time dedicated to helping people who just need to find their way again, just shows the calibre of the people within it. This was all done through their unique scheme, using the Neish Conultancy Baton. This provides a way of passing over free coaching to someone who needs it, with no charge.

I would have never thought to ask for coaching but realise now, in hindsight, that I would have struggled without the support I had and the guidance to help get things back on track. So thank you again Shona, I really appreciate it.”

Rebecca Keeley – December 2019

Be More Wonder Woman

“Well that’s just one teeny thing I took on board from my fantastic coaching session with the superb, brilliant, amazing Shona Neish today.

I’m the happiest I have ever been at work, I adore being a cog in the Silver Birch Creative machine and I love being part of the energetic dynamic Derbyshire business community. So why a coaching session?

Shona cleverly walked me through some confidence wobble areas of mine and asked me to reframe situations / settings / experiences / thoughts. She gave me time to express myself, room to think, small pushes and advice that’s left me thinking more Wonder Woman.

I’m proud of myself

I’m pleased with myself

I’ve come along way over recent years and I’m still walking on my path.

I am hugely grateful to Shona for giving me an hour of her time today to help me with my self care, self awareness and ability to tap into that pride. Heartfelt thanks Shona 💚

So coaching … wherever you are in your career, whatever your career is I’d say DO IT NOW

Off to practice my Wonder Woman pose …..”

Seleena Creedon, Silver Birch Creative- November 2019

An Investment Worth Every Penny

“I cannot recommend the DILPS course enough. My expectation of personal growth have certainly been exceeded. We were expertly led by Shona from Neish Consultancy through the tricky sometimes complex world of leadership and I am now equipped with my management toolbag of strategies to further develop my career.

Learning came from a mixture of discussion, debate, personal experience sharing and most definitely humour. Shona gave us the freedom to learn in a non-judgemental atmosphere. Her unique skill of coaching was invaluable. I would recommend this course for all levels. An absolute must for anyone hoping to develop leadership skills or for those leaders who need a chance to reflect and grow. An investment that is worth every penny.”

Melanie Mallinson, Citizens Advice – October 2019

It Held Me Accountable

“Testimonial regarding your incredible sessions!

I would highly recommend Neish Consultancy Ltd, I’ve had the pleasure of Shona coaching me for a number of sessions during 2017 and into 2018. Shona’s style is extremely adaptable, and Shona allowed me the time and space to work through the sessions in my own way, while ensuring that the sessions were structured and focused. Shona was beyond flexible, including providing sessions over Skype and face-to-face – which for me with a busy work and social life with a huge positive. It also held me accountable for my goals and objectives, in a supportive manner, as we factored in sessions in a timely fashion – meaning there was no time for excuses! A friendly supportive mechanism to keep you on the right track. This was helped hugely by Shona’s incredible team which added extra value to my experience – there was always someone on hand! A special thank you to Adele.

Shona used probing questions to help me challenge my thought process and in turn I achieved far more than I ever thought I could. Shona was professional but encouraged a relaxed approach which truly helped me to speak openly and more importantly honestly. I trust Shona irrevocably. The trust I have for Shona and her incredible knowledge and outlook helped me achieve my goals. We are continuing working together to keep building and reframing new goals which is exciting and I will always recommend Shona and her team.

I am happy to personally talk to anyone thinking of engaging Neish Consultancy Limited, to speak honestly about my experience.

With ever-thankful wishes.”

Rosie Mellers, HR Advisor – June 2018

Prompts Continued to Inspire Me

“I would highly recommend Neish Consultancy for any career and/or personal development needs, especially for young professionals who are seeking that critical guidance for the wider context of their chosen industry.
I have seen Shona for six sessions over a period of four months in early 2018. We have covered a wide range of topics, including communication, presentation, leadership, self-awareness and self-confidence. Shona was incredibly knowledgeable in all of these topics, and she was always able to contribute creatively from very different viewpoints, e.g. scientific, spiritual, cultural and practical. Her prompts continued to inspire me to be become more creative in my own thinking and led me to find answers to very difficult questions by myself. As a result, not only have I gained new knowledge from Shona, but far more importantly, I was able to forge authentic understandings and skills for myself, which I am sure will benefit me for a lifetime.

Since our second session, we have initiated a personal Development Plan with well-defined and measurable goals, with the purpose of further growing these new understandings and skills. Over the last few months, I put the numerous techniques and philosophies learnt from our sessions into practise, and I was delighted to see myself improving significantly. The Development Plan is now something I have incorporated into my monthly routine, and I am very much looking forward to the future fruits it will bring!
Due to the great success from out last sessions, Shona and I have agreed to meet up again next year; I am excited to share and discuss with her the personal growth I will achieve by then, and of course, I am very intrigued by what doors our future sessions will be able to open.

I hope that this testimony was able to provide an insight to what an experience at Neish Consultancy may be like. As I have stated earlier, I would highly recommend this service – it can certainly be very worthwhile.”

Zhiheng Lou, Integrated Engineering Technology Limited – May 2018

Delivery of Training is Fun, Interactive and Engaging

“I have attended multiple training sessions with Shona over this last year. After the first, I really looked forward to the next session. Shona’s delivery of training is fun, interactive and engaging and as a person she is lovely and relatable. I really struggle with presenting, but Shona encouraged me to develop my confidence and Presentation skills during training and genuinely cared about my progress as an individual. This personal touch really goes a long way and helps for the training content to have a lasting impression – for understanding both yourself and other people within a business context. I feel that these training sessions were highly beneficial for my own professional development, whilst also being very interesting. I would recommend Shona to anyone! Thank you for everything Shona, I look forward to working with you again in future.”

Rebecca Keeley – Product Manager Skid Steer Loaders & Compact Track Loaders at JCB – March 2017

A number of Successful Presentations

“Presentation Skills Feedback – “Just wanted to say thank you for running the presentation skills workshop, I’ve tried to implement all the tips we discussed, which has resulted in a number of successful presentations during this time, to a variety of audiences. I particularly found that spending some time with the audience prior to starting both helped in managing my nervous energy, and ensuring that my presentations were both relevant and relatable to those watching.”

Tom Whitaker, JCB – December 2016

Leadership Development Programme

“When I first came in I didn’t know whether I fitted in. I stressed out and wasn’t ready. I began to gain confidence in that a lot of things I was learning, I was already doing in some way. It just helped to solidify a positive view of my own performance.

I am feeling good now. Think SLT were extremely surprised at how well we did as a team. We linked together really well.

Initially sceptical about how useful the course would be and how relevant it would be to my actual working day.

As the course progressed the material and exercises began to creep into my thinking as I was at work. This was not a conscious effort on my part but I was taking on board the techniques from the classroom.”

June 2016

Training That Makes a Difference

We love receiving emails from delegates, its so rewarding to know that our training has made a difference.

“I gave my first presentation to customers last week when I visited Guatemala and presented to salesmen from Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador. Your great advice and training was taken into consideration throughout my preparation as well as the presentation itself. It was in Spanish which made it a bit more complicated than I thought, but I think I got my point across well and got positive feedback afterwards, as well as some points to improve on! Luckily I knew how to receive the feedback as well. Thanks again for your help.”

William Fisher – November 2015

Bowmer Bond – People Development Programme

“I am very pleased (as we all are) at the difference in the individuals you coached. You did a brilliant job. We will definitely be looking to continue working with you into the future”.

Nigel Ratcliffe – June 2015

“I have found the training very helpful and your style of teaching encouraging and easy to follow. As a result of the training I feel much more at ease in my current position at Bowmer Bond. I also have an increased level of self-confidence, which I think I was previously lacking. My increased confidence has made me much happier in approaching all people within the business, but especially those who were on the training course, who I now talk to regularly.”

Donna Sykes – June 2015

Relevance and Applicability

“I have recently been on a course run and provided by Shona and would highly recommend her services for their relevance and applicability to the environment I work in. Her personal service, innovative and open approach are refreshing and highly enjoyable.”

Aaron Marshall

Planning and Prioritising

“I would like to thank you for delivering the planning and prioritising training course yesterday.

It was really interesting and contained lots of valuable information. The class engagement was excellent and the variety of learning techniques outstanding.”

Jessica Cooney

Highly Recommend

“I highly recommend Shona as a facilitator – excellent relationships with course participants, ensures everyone’s engaged, creates a positive fun atmosphere yet meets the objectives of the event.”

Diana Edmonds – January 2013

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