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Sounds like Fun!

Shona loves that her friend in Australia sent her this letter from her son’s school. She believes this sounds just like one of our offerings. Are we doing similar in the UK?
“I got this email today and it reminded me of you. I felt it should be a programme run by Neish Consultancy rather than an incursion for kids in their first year at Primary School. I love it though! It’s good to get these skills in early.” – Lorraine Tagg
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  • Tea and TED at 3

    I will think of you, you think of me, when we have Tea and TED at 3! Today we are watching ‘How diversity makes teams more innovative’, will you be joining us? #ShowMeTheTea      

  • Influencing Skills

    “Circle of concern is great for making an action plan. Easy to share thoughts. Nice relaxed, open environment” – Steve Waldron We are running this course again on 20th June at the YMCA Derby for £150+vat per delegate. Contact Adele for more information and to book a place.  

  • Here comes the sun…

    Fresh lick of paint in the office. We went from boring Magnolia to bright Lemon Pie. We love it! It’s like the sun is always shining.      

  • FREE Taster Event – BOOK NOW!

    ‘Managing Change Without the Upset’ Taster Event 29th March 8.30am – 11am Follow this link to book your free place