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A Warm Welcome

I love the warm welcome I always receive when I visit Loates HR to use their facilities for Coaching sessions following our tasters together Matilda Swanson Assoc CIPD and Lucy Sherwin. Although some people, Corynne Clarke and Dr Kevin Marks, do prefer to stay behind the camera.

Tea and TED at 3

I will think of you, you think of me, when we have Tea and TED at 3!

Today we are watching 'The clues to a great story' by Filmmaker Andrew Stanton.

Inspiring and Powerful

An inspirational 2 days this week delivering Coaching and Mentoring Training in Leicester on behalf of Roundhouse Thinking.

We took our listening to level 3 and felt the power that brings to coaching and mentoring conversations. We explored different coaching and mentoring environments from the classroom to the sports field to the changing rooms. We practiced the GROW Model, the SCORE Model, Positive Intentions, Re-framing and Positive Outcomes in individual, group and peer sessions. The delegates agreed what their Coaching and Mentoring offering will look like internally. Finally, I conducted a coaching session using The Way it is Model with a wonderful delegate who participated fully with his peer group observing.

These 2 days have been inspiring and powerful both for the delegates and myself as a Coach.

Influencing and Persuading

Really looking forward to training the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) at University of Derby on Influencing and Persuading this evening. It's been a popular topic with the Institutes this year. We will cover styles of influencing, the push and pull approaches, power levers and how to say no.

Why not read our blog on the subject?

Article - Busting the Myths Around Coaching

It was my pleasure to co-host our Myth Busting event with Philippa Bowen who runs the Business Ignition Group on Monday 24th February. I had two goals in mind; to inform the people around the table, none of whom are coaches, these important messages.

Firstly, coaching is very much a skilled activity; whilst many of us will 'coach people, especially if we are line managers, actual developmental coaching is most effective with qualified people.

I'm a level 7 qualified coach, what does this mean? Simply put, it is the highest level of coaching qualification you can obtain in the UK. As the British School of Coaching put it ‘This year long programme will develop your capability to act as a coach and mentor at the highest level. The extensive practical and theory-based work will enable you to work with any client to develop their leadership skills and support their career development.'

Secondly no coach is perfect; we are affected by the emotions, stories, i...

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