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Coachee Reflection

I am having some reflective time this morning on what my coaching brings to my coachees. Here are my top four.

1. You have time that is solely focused on you. You don’t have to listen to me or ask me questions. It is only about you.

2. I am not emotionally involved and whatever decision(s) you make will not impact me, therefore I will not be trying to move you in a particular direction in the way your spouse or family might. I have no opinion on what you should do.

3. There are no judgments in my Coaching sessions so you can be completely honest.

4. You walk away feeling in control with decisions made and actions to take

Let me know if you want to learn more.

Tea and TED at 3

I will think of you, you think of me, when we have Tea and TED at 3!

Today we are watching 'The beautiful, mysterious science of how you hear' by biophysicist Jim Hudspeth.

In this delightful and fascinating talk, Jim demonstrates the wonderfully simple yet astonishingly powerful mechanics of hair cells, the microscopic powerhouses that make hearing possible -- and explains how, when it's really quiet, your ears will begin to beam out a spectrum of sounds unique to you.

Derby Business Show

What a great morning spent at the Derby Business Show. Inspiring talk from Jenny Procter on Marketing for small business with loads of "steals" from big businesses to take away and implement immediately. Great to catch up with Jonathan Leach,Director of Indigo Drum Communications, Andrew Deighton, Maria Hanson MBE, and Pauline Roessler MCIM. 

Yearly Goals

Have you set yourself a goal this year? How are you managing with working towards achieving that #goal? Have you thought about how #coaching can help you smash your goal?

Have a read of our Busting the Myths article below and browse our Coaching Services.

An Insightful FSB Speaker

Daksha Patel provided new reading material "Man's Search for Meaning by Vicktor E Frank, taught us about the 4 domains of resilience, explored emotional landscapes and where our emotional home is as well us showing us how to practice Heart Focused Breathing. Thank you Dawn Edwards for warmly hosting the event. Great to catch up with Louise Startin and make new contacts, Aga Kelly.

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