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Message from the MD

Continuing on the theme of resilience, this morning I thought a reminder about how to manage our time and our workload would help those working from home. Here is the Urgent and Important Matrix from Stephen Covey and a link to a short YouTube video to explain it. 

I love this tool and use it everyday in my work life. I often use it in my personal life too when I become overwhelmed with the tasks ahead.

It's also useful to think about when you are most productive during the day. If you are energised in the morning this is when you should work on your tasks that need energy and do your routine tasks later when you flag a bit - often just before lunch. If you are like me and it takes you a while to get going in the morning, we should...

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Tea and TED at 3

I will think of you, you think of me, when we have Tea and TED at 3!

Today we are watching ‘The health benefits of clowning around' by TED Resident Matthew A. Wilson.

As a medical clown, Matthew Wilson takes the old adage that laughter is the best medicine very seriously. In this heartwarming talk, he shares glimpses of how clowning around can help patients (and medical staff) navigate stressful situations -- with no side effects.

Considering Being Coached?

The top 4 things to think about if you are: -

1. What do I want to achieve?
2. Why is it important to me?
3. How important is it to me?
4. How ready am I to be challenged in the coaching environment?

What other aspects do you think are important?

Mindfulness for Resilience

Chatting to a friend last night about how important our resilience is just now, I remembered how useful I found the Mind website when developing my Resilience Training programme. Here is a link to their Mindfulness page that some of you may find useful.

Coach Reflection

Last week I talked about what my coaching brings to my Coachees, but what about does it bring to me?

1. I am inspired every day by the people I coach

2. I am reminded how lucky I am that I have family supporting me unconditionally in everything I do

3. I learn about myself every day

4. I have learned not to make assumptions about people

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