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Message from the MD

Continuing on the theme of resilience, this morning I thought a reminder about how to manage our time and our workload would help those working from home. Here is the Urgent and Important Matrix from Stephen Covey and a link to a short YouTube video to explain it. 

I love this tool and use it everyday in my work life. I often use it in my personal life too when I become overwhelmed with the tasks ahead.

It's also useful to think about when you are most productive during the day. If you are energised in the morning this is when you should work on your tasks that need energy and do your routine tasks later when you flag a bit - often just before lunch. If you are like me and it takes you a while to get going in the morning, we should start with our routine tasks and move onto our creative tasks after that 2nd cup of coffee.

- Shona

Published 23rd March 2020

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