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Kubler Ross Change Curve

There are big changes for lots of us so thought I would share the Kubler Ross Change Curve to help us understand our reactions to what is happening.

Our Status Quo has been rocked and lots of us will be in shock or denial. We may hear ourselves say "it won't be for long" or "it doesn't apply to me". As we progresses through the curve we will realise there is disruption and we may begin to feel angry and frightened. The good news is that this is natural and we need to go through this phase before we can move into exploration where we start to accept our situation and look at new options.

Following this stage we will move into rebuilding where we will be committed to our change. Don't worry if you move between disruption and exploration, this happens to lots of us - be kind to yourself. Take some time and then look at some more options.

Published 25th March 2020

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