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Leaders Should Practice Self-Awareness

We love this Forbes article as it that echos our beliefs at Neish Consultancy that self-reflecting and identifying areas to grow is essential. It made us smile when it describes that some people find it’s too “touchy feely” as our Engineers often believe this at the beginning. Want to try us out with some of your Engineers? Call us on 07766001780.

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  • Leader of People

    Like us, Forbes says “Just because someone is a subject matter expert doesn’t mean they have what it takes to be a leader of people” – we help with this. Book your free consultation to find out how. Email

  • Tea and TED at 3

    I will think of you, you think of me, when we have Tea and TED at 3! Today we are watching ‘This deep-sea mystery is changing our understanding of life’. Will you be joining us? #ShowMeTheTea    

  • Influencing Course

    We are running an Influencing course in Derby. See the link for more details. Contact for more information and to book. “A workshop for those who are required to influence individual managers and professionals, as well as teams and other departments”

  • Fabulous Feedback

    #FF “Shona’s style is extremely adaptable and Shona allowed me the time and space to work through the sessions in my own way, while ensuring that the sessions were structured and focused” – Rosie Mellers