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Leadership Skill Building – 11th August

Leadership Skill Building including Myers Briggs Type Indicator profiling, motivation and delegation. The MBTI Interpretive Report for Organisations contains – The effects of an individual's work style and preferences in work settings – Preferred styles of communication – Preferred approach to problem-solving The MBTI Interpretive Report for Organisations can be used – Improving communication – […]

Inspiring Yourself and Others as a Leader – 10th September

This workshop develops your knowledge and understanding of leadership and the different styles of leadership that inspire groups, teams and individuals. Course Content: • Leadership, touching on the difference between leadership and management • The differences between men and women leaders • Transactional and transformational leaders • Some leadership styles that are relevant today • […]

Handling Difficult People and Situations

Often we perceive that dealing with people will be difficult. On this one day programme we explore why this is the case and provide tools and techniques to change our thinking and improve communication. £150+vat including breakfast, lunch and refreshments. Course content: • Difficult people or difficult situations? • Cultural aspects of dealing with people […]

Change Management – 11th November

This course explores how Change happens and offers tools and techniques to support delegates create and lead change. Course content: • Kotter Change Model • When Change occurs • How Change occurs • The Change Curve • The Change Process • Managing emotion in Change • Communication during Change • Creating Change • Leading Change […]

Influencing and Persuading

This highly interactive course will enable you to learn about and develop your primary influencing style to enable you to communicate confidently and professionally. £150+vat including breakfast, lunch and refreshments. Course Content: • Know what we mean by influencing and persuading • Have knowledge of the scale of influence • Recognise the barriers to influencing […]

Coaching for High Performance

Coaching is a skill that we can use in all walks of life especially our working life. It is a valuable tool to support others in their growth and development. This course provides the tools, techniques and confidence to be a great coach, supporting team’s growth and development for better performance and maximising the team’s […]