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Developing Inspirational Leaders Programme

This blended learning approach of Training, Coaching and Self-Learning gives delegates the opportunity to grow and add further value to the organisation. Our Developing Inspirational Leaders Programme is very popular and highly effective modular programme which is offered with individual coaching between modules to embed the learning back in the workplace. It is tailored to both the developing leaders’ and organisations’ needs and can vary in length from 3 months to 2 years. There is also an option to work with our partners, to build and test out leadership skills through a variety of unusual activities and exercises, promoting a blended learning solution.


The dictionary definition of facilitation is to “make something possible or easier”. We can facilitate your team to the best outcome. By bringing achievement and fun together, we will introduce the right tools, and give teams the time to reflect and discuss to achieve their objectives.


We help our clients determine the most suitable development solutions for their people and sometimes a training course is not always the only, or best, option. Coaching offers a tailored development solution and can be done as part of a development programme or as a stand alone solution.

Organisation Change and People Development

For Organisations who are going through a change and wish to transition towards this change ensuring their people continue to feel motivated and valued in the organisation.  The change could be anything from re-structuring, a culture change, a move towards a performance management culture to a product range diversification.

Neish Consultancy will deploy methods such as individual and team workshops to facilitate working together across boundaries, working with teams to identify and eliminate barriers to team working, working with teams to strengthen team working through awareness of each other’s strengths, coaching on a one to one basis to support career and succession planning, self awareness, identification of skills gaps and development plans and provide a career placement service where appropriate.

Design and Delivery of Training

Neish Consultancy supports business transformation, rolling out of initiatives, leadership behavioural changes and implementation of something new such as a system or process by designing and delivering training.

By working with Subject Experts where appropriate Neish Consultancy will provide training materials to address agreed training objectives. All training can be delivered by Neish Consultancy or a Train the Trainer programme facilitated to enable organisations to roll out the training using their Leadership Team or Subject Champions.

Neish Consultancy promotes a positive interactive style of delivery to ensure that learning is deeply embedded in the Organisation.

Facilitation of Change and Transition

A facilitator “enables groups and organisations to work more effectively to collaborate and achieve synergy ..” Doyle.

Neish Consultancy uses this approach to raise awareness of the change process and how people react to change. Through one to one and team coaching Neish Consultancy supports Organisations through the change process and individuals on their journey through the change curve.

Design and Delivery of Assessment Centres

Whether for Talent Assessment or Key Position Recruitment, Neish Consultancy designs and delivers Assessment and Development Centres to suit organisation requirements. You may utilise these for current vacancies, to create an internal talent pipeline or to create an external recruitment pipeline. Neish Consultancy is also able to deliver these with detailed feedback reports and development plans and follow on career placement service.

Published 26th August 2019

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