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Take a moment to think about how realistic your new year’s resolutions were.

  • Have you avoided having that conversation with your boss about new opportunities or a pay rise?
  • Are you still waiting on the right time to tell your partner about your dreams for 2018?
  • Are you saying yes to things at home and at work that you promised yourself you would stop doing in 2018?
  • Here are our top tips on being assertive and asking for what you want.

    What is assertiveness?

    Being assertive is positive and it is about:-

  • Standing up for your own rights in a way that does not violate another person’s rights
  • Being honest, open and directly expressing your point of view
  • Showing that you understand the other person’s position
  • So how do I learn to say NO
  • Be clear about your own priorities and goals
  • Think about the effects of taking on a further task
  • Learn to be f...

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  • Why Time Management is Like Losing Weight?

    Time Management is like losing weight – we all know how to do it but we slip into bad habits!!

    Here are our Top 9 Tips



  • Use the Urgent and Important Matrix 
  • Work Out When You Are Most Productive
  • Do your most important tasks in your most productive time
  • Routine tasks should be done when you are at your least productive
  • Be Proactive
  • Take responsibility
  • Think about the implications
  • Cope with Your Email
  • Schedule certain times of the day to open and respond to them
  • Don’t always give in to pressure to reply immediately
  • Clear Your Desk
  • How many pieces of paper do you have on your desk that has been there more than one day?
  • Clearing your desk of u...

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  • Keep up to Date