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Have a look at this picture. What do you see? Now show it to your colleague. What do they see? Do you both see different things?


Imagine influencing in this instance if you wanted to paint the pillars and your colleague can only see people? How difficult would it be to get them to agree to paint pillars they cannot see? This can often be what is happening when you are struggling to influence people at work and at home to do what you think is important? They just see different things or things differently, so we need to help them see what we see so that we can move forward together. Here are some things to help you:-

Approaches to Influencing

We can use a Push or a Pull approach to influence

Push Pull Pushing the person or the situation to your viewpoint Pulling people with you Forcing your views Gains a deeper commitment from the other person May be blunt and direct They feel good about the o...

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Take a moment to think about how realistic your new year’s resolutions were.

  • Have you avoided having that conversation with your boss about new opportunities or a pay rise?
  • Are you still waiting on the right time to tell your partner about your dreams for 2018?
  • Are you saying yes to things at home and at work that you promised yourself you would stop doing in 2018?
  • Here are our top tips on being assertive and asking for what you want.

    What is assertiveness?

    Being assertive is positive and it is about:-

  • Standing up for your own rights in a way that does not violate another person’s rights
  • Being honest, open and directly expressing your point of view
  • Showing that you understand the other person’s position
  • So how do I learn to say NO
  • Be clear about your own priorities and goals
  • Think about the effects of taking on a further task
  • Learn to be f...

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