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Dealing with Difficult Conversations

One of our most popular courses and subject that people bring up in coaching is how to deal with people or situations that they perceive to be difficult.

Here are some tips to help you eliminate your difficult perceptions in 2020.

Reframing Exercise

The focus of the reframing exercise is to explore why people behave in the way they do and the reasons why. For example think back to when you were a child. Did you ever refer to one of your siblings as “an idiot”? If we continue to think of them as an idiot we will struggle to deal with them. However, if we apply the learning from this worksheet it will help us to provide direct feedback to them on why you are finding them difficult and perhaps help you to feel some empathy towards them. Let us know how it worked for you?

  • What label would you apply to someone engage...

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  • Coaching

    How sure are you that you are Coaching your team rather than strongly encouraging them to do things your way? Check out Myles Downey’s spectrum of Coaching and see where you fit. Now ask your team where you fit. Read on if you need some tools to help you coach.

    Coaching at the first level requires nothing more than great questioning and listening skills.  Need some advice on that? Keep an eye out for next months blog that takes us back to basics on questioning and listening skills. We gave you some models including the GROW model and the Perceptual Positions Model in our June Newsletter. Here are two more models for you to try to allow you to continue to grow your coaching skills (excuse the pun).  

    Well-Formed Outcomes

    A well-formed outcome is a term originating in neuro-linguistic programming for an outcome one wishes to achieve, ...

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