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Why Time Management is Like Losing Weight?

Time Management is like losing weight – we all know how to do it but we slip into bad habits!!

Here are our Top 9 Tips



  1. Use the Urgent and Important Matrix 
  2. Work Out When You Are Most Productive
    • Do your most important tasks in your most productive time
    • Routine tasks should be done when you are at your least productive
  3. Be Proactive
    • Take responsibility
    • Think about the implications
  4. Cope with Your Email
    • Schedule certain times of the day to open and respond to them
    • Don’t always give in to pressure to reply immediately
  5. Clear Your Desk
    • How many pieces of paper do you have on your desk that has been there more than one day?
    • Clearing your desk of unnecessary clutter will help you think and work better
  6. Deal with Interruptions
    • Don’t distract yourself
    • Delegate to trusted colleagues
    • Be assertive – learn to say no sometimes
  7. Manage Your Boss
    • Think about your boss’s style of working
    • Make it clear that you want to learn
    • Agree priorities
  8. Deal with Procrastination (Putting Things Off)
    • Break a large task into more manageable chunks
    • Start on the hardest part
    • Give yourself a reward
  9. Achieve Balance
    • Plan holidays in advance
    • Allow time to be with your partner, family and friends
    • Take up a new hobby

So Time Management is like losing weight – will you do it or continue with your bad habits?

Published 1st January 2014

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