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Looking After Your Own Career

It’s that time of year. The sun has arrived and we spend more time outdoors often causing us to reflect on what we should be doing. Is one of these things managing your life and career? Here are some tools to help you while reflecting in the garden with a beer.

Wheel of Life

This tool helps you reflect on every area of your life and make some decisions on where your focus should be. This is great to do individually or as a family group. (Click on the wheel for the tool)

Wheel of LifeWheel of Life

Self Analysis

Use the timeline to map out what your career has looked like so far, what it currently looks like and what you would like it to look in the future. Now take some time to ask yourself:- What patterns is this showing? How do I feel about how this looks? What do I think about how this looks? What are my next steps? What actions do I need to take to make this happen?

Self Analysisi Career Timeline

Who and what can help?

Take some time to think about who and what around you can help you achieve your career goals. Here are some prompters to get you started.

Who and What can help?

How can we help?

Still need some support? Why not contact us about Coaching Sessions and our Managing your Career Workshops.

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Published 1st July 2018

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