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A number of Successful Presentations

Presentation Skills Feedback – “Just wanted to say thank you for running the presentation skills workshop, I’ve tried to implement all the tips we discussed, which has resulted in a number of successful presentations during this time, to a variety of audiences. I particularly found that spending some time with the audience prior to starting both helped in managing my nervous energy, and ensuring that my presentations were both relevant and relatable to those watching”

Tom Whitaker – JCB December 2016

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  • Tea and TED at 3

    I will think of you, you think of me, when we have Tea and TED at 3! Today we are watching ‘Confessions of a recovering micromanager’. Will you be joining us? #ShowMeTheTea      

  • 30 Days of Giving

    To coincide with their 30th Anniversary, Mercia Image have launched an initiative to raise up to £30,000 over a period of 30 days for 30 local charities. We are excited to be involved offering Individual or Group Coaching for a minimum donation of £100. #30daysofgiving

  • Positive Me

    #MentalHealthAwarnessWeek We really love and recommend this book by Jenny Bagworth ‘Positive Me-A journal of self-care & mindfulness activities’ to give you a helping hand on your journey. There’s also a ‘Positive Me colouring book’ and other fab products.  

  • Are you in Glasgow?

    Shona has 2 coaching slots available in Glasgow on Monday. Let us know if you would like to take advantage of this rare opportunity.